Temperature class: CLASS F
Working temperature: From - 30 °C to + 155 °C. Peak to + 185°C (a few hours)
Dielectric strength: 3 to 10 kV
Halogen free  
Flammability: Combustible but subsistence of the fiberglass
Good mechanical resistance Resistance to transformer oils according to UTEC 93641
Good compatibility with class F impregnation varnishes  
Good behavior with soldering iron  
Good behavior with liquid combustibles, no decomposition  
USAGE: Electromechanical industry (motors, transformers, generator...), fit for all class F insulation


Inner diameter Tolerance inner diameter Wall thickness minimum Wall thickness maximum
0.5mm ±0.15mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
0.8mm ±0.20mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
1.0mm ±0.20mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
1.5mm ±0.20mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
2.0mm ±0.20mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
2.5mm ±0.20mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
3.0mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
3.5mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
4.0mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
4.5mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
5.0mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
6.0mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
7.0mm ±0.25mm 0.35mm 0.65mm
8.0mm ±0.30mm 0.50mm 0.90mm
9.0mm ±0.30mm 0.50mm 0.90mm
10.0mm ±0.30mm 0.50mm 0.90mm
12.0mm ±0.30mm 0.50mm 0.90mm
14.0mm ±0.50mm 0.50mm 1.00mm


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